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 About Us

SRC – ECE, AMS is an umbrella organization in the field of early child hood and care for the state of Andhra Pradesh providing training support, developing training material, conduct research studies, initiate advocacy and provide ongoing professional support to the different governmental and non governmental organization functioning in the state. Over a period of 20 years it has developed various teaching modules customized for children having various needs. It has been closely working with central government, state government and other international bodies like UNICEF for the cause. SRC has been doing the onerous task of capacity building for initiating various ECE Programmes which is being done by giving required training to personnel at different levels on different components. The Centre works to enrich the learning process of children in the pre-primary and primary years (from 3 to 8), and spearheads the cause of early childhood education.

The Unit State Resource Centre for Early Childhood Education – Andhra Mahila Sabha consists different sections

All the sections compliment each other – Field needs are identified by the SRC ECE and related field based material is planned and implemented in the Labschool and the needed experiences / skills for the field functionaries are given by Training section.

Principles:The basic principle of SRC – ECE, AMS is overall development of child by creating a child friendly environment through understanding the child, understanding the guardian of child and then providing them customized education.

Vision and Mission:
The motive of SRC ECE AMS is to ‘bridge pre and early stages in tune with developmental continuum’.

  • ?To develop the spirit “I AM, I CAN” among children
  • ?To ensure happy learning environment to children and safeguard the children from inappropriate practices. Demonstrate the feasibility of a developmentally appropriate programmes
  • ?To build the capacities of the field functionaries in the implementation of developmentally appropriate practices.
  • ?To take up research studies
  • ?To take up advocacy programmes for child friendly approaches
  • ?To involve families and communities in the school activites
  • ?To reach the un reached children who are in need to live quality life

Programmes impacting social justice:

The SRC ECE AMS exists only to provide quality programmes for pre and early primary children in the State in the tribal, rural and urban slums. Labschool also gives free education for deserving children upto 5 children every year Labschool is considered to be one of the first schools in Twin cities which believes and follows inclusive education.

Geographical operations:
SRC AMS started with its activities in Hyderabad and in the period of 20 years have been working in most parts of the State of Andhra Pradesh. It provides guidance, training, training materials and packages to different organizations working in the field of Early Childhood Education.


Realizing the crucial importance of early childhood education in terms of fostering and promoting all round development in children and also to bridge the wide gap between the needs and catering to this age group, College of Education, Andhra Mahila Sabha Trust started a Post Graduate Diploma course in Early Childhood Care in the year 1984 to train a cadre of teachers with high level of sensitivity and dedication. On 14th January 1987 a laboratory Preschool was started for providing happy learning environment to children in the age group of 3 to 8 years as an innovative project of College of Education of Andhra Mahila Sabha. In 1990, in collaboration with UNICEF and NCERT, AMS started a project to support preschool component of ICDS and was recognized by UNICEF as State Resource Centre – Early Childhood Education (SRC – ECE) for Andhra Pradesh.

Early childhood Education in Andhra Pradesh  is the brain child of Smt. K.Lakshmi ,Her commitment for providing joyful  and quality ECE programmes for the children of the State is remarkable   and  her contribution  in reaching the un reached ( tribal pockets )  is laudable. Unicef / NCERT / World Bank recognized her dedication / innovations in the area of ECE she is made member in many of the National level Policy committees.

Smt.K.Lakshmi is President, A.P.Civil Society Organisations Network on Elimination of Child Labour. Consultant  for ECE & Girls education to International, National  Organisations, State Government Departments & NGOs .She is member of Academic Senate – Osmania University , National Policy Framework Committee on ECE (MHRD GoI),Governing bodies of different academic and professional organizations.She is coordinating  CECED study (AUD Delhi) – Strand B and Strand C – Study of Impact of Early Learning, Socialization & School Readiness Experiences in Pre-school Settings on Educational & Behavioral Outcomes along the Primary Stage
Ministry – WD&CW GoI requested her to chair the meetings for Contextualization of ECE Curriculum – Southern States.

To reach her: Email:  , 040-27096375 , 9963634106

Programmes  and Activities

Academic Programme/activities:

i) Labschool: It is a demonstrative model centre for practicing child friendly programmes supported by WD&CW Dept.UNICEF, NIMH, NCERT, State Education Department and a number of NGOs, for different functionaries in the area of Early Childhood Education and also a centre for providing hands on experience for student teachers in handling young children. The school caters to the needs of children in the age group 3 to 8 years.

  1. ?Action-field of SRC-ECE.
  2. ?Ensures providing foundation skills for better learning at a later  stage
  3. ?Focuses on play way method and individual needs of the children.
  4. ?Provides scope for participation of parents.
  5. ?Stands as a functional model creating the best environment with limited resources.
  6. ?builds a foundation for lifelong learning and successful transitions from  early childhood settings to the middle school levels of education.

At the Lab School, the teachers enjoy themselves almost as much as the children, thus it becomes increasingly evident that joyful teaching makes for joyful learning and vice-versa.Labschool provides freeship for deserving children for not more than 5 every year.

Admission Procedure:
Registration for next academic year starts in the month of December. Admission is given on the basis of (at the entry level).
First come first basis.
Residential proximity- should be around 2 KMs radius.
Admission other than entry level is on the basis of vacancy position.Academic Year is June to April with winter and summer breaks
Comprehensive assessment is carried out as the programme is developmentally appropriate and   interrelated in nature and the programme focuses on the holistic development of the child.
Fee structure:
Admission fee –Rs.3000/-
Tuition Fee ( 4 terms )- Rs.5000/- per term
Special fee – Rs.1000/-

State Resource Centre – Early Childhood Education:

SRC ECE AMS has undertaken various research projects in the area of Early Childhood Education.

  1. ? Conducted base line survey of Anganwadi Centres in targeted areas – Tribal, Rural and Urban slums in AP.
  2. ? Pre tested some identified play materials in selected ICDS projects of AP.
  3. ? Preschool Education component of ICDS and its perception and extent of utilization by the community in AP
  4. ? Study on the role of ECE centres of DPEP AP in increasing girl child enrolment in Primary Schools.
  5. ? Study Of Community Managed Balwadis Undr Serp Programme- Andhra Pradesh.
  6. ? Study of Impact of Early Learning, Socialization and school readiness experiences in preschool settings on educational and behavioral outcomes along the primary stage” for its Andhra Pradesh component —- ONGOING

Projects and Extension Work : Smt.K.Lakshmi Chairperson guided the following projects


Need assessment study to assess the prevailing preschool practices in the ICDS centres in AP.  Study –Pre testing of some identified play materials in selected ICDS centres.


Prepared a pre-school kit with material for Anganwadi Workers.Developed Audio cassettes with songs and stories for preschool children.


Field tested the preschool kit and developed the training packages for the same.Developed video cassettes on developmentally appropriate preschool programme. Developed advocacy material on ECE Study   – Preschool Education component of ICDS and its perception and extent of utilization by the community in Andhra Pradesh.



Developed school readiness package for Anganwadi centres. Lead school principals seminar.


Translated CML material developed by NCERT – N.Delhi  in to Telugu.Took up School Readiness Programmes for the schools of Hyderabad .Took up School Readiness Programmes in 19 districts of Andhra Pradesh .



Developed special school readiness packages specific to different tribal groups “Gondies” of Adilabad ( Bi lingual package ) “Chenchus “of Srisailam and “Tribals “of Paderu


Supported the ECE Component of DPEP .Rural Development Foundation -(2 schools of RDF- Kalleda and Matendla) SRC ECE started  extending its support to these two rural schools .


Conducted studies on Pre-school programme of ICDS along with NCERT.
Conducted studies on ECE and Girl Child Education for DPEP


Developed “SISUVIKASA KARYAKRAMAM” a developmentally appropriate pre-school programme for children in the age group of 3 to 6 years.


Took up Sahayaka project at Srirangapuram village in Mahabubnagar district to help the adolescent girls to learn vocational skills and care for the children 3-14 years after the school.


Study on the Role of ECE centres of DPEP , AP in increasing girl child enrolment in primary schools  -DPEP


Developed specific school readiness package “PRATYUSHA” for
‘JANASALA’ project of Government of Andhra Pradesh( a tribal project of Krishna and W.Godavari districts )


\ CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATION NET WORK on Elimination of Child Labour in Andhra Pradesh”was started as a project of APSBP project of ILO.


NIMH has adapted “SISUVIKASA KARYAKRAMAM” and incorporated specific special activities keeping in view the needs of the special child.  This package known as “AARAMBH” has been translated in to Hindi and English. Study on education of Muslim minority youth


SRC ECE developed 100 graded readers class I and II for Krishna and West Godavari Districts under Janashala project of Govt.of AP.


CARE identified SRC ECE as External Consultancy to support the development of State Project Implementation Plan and District Plans for world bank assisted ICDS IV Project.


SRC ECE has taken up the task of redesigning of   ECE programme for the State of Andhra Pradesh with a special focus on School Readiness component on request from the Department of Women Development and Child Welfare – Govt. of AP.


Research study project:  Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) assigned SRC ECE a study on community managed ECE centers at Adilabad and Vizag districts of AP.
Preparation of course material for ECE programs of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University AP


Partnered with CECED of Ambedkar University Delhi in the Study of Impact of Early Learning, Socialization and school readiness experiences in preschool settings on educational and behavioral outcomes along the primary stage” for its Andhra Pradesh component


The BEST PRACTICSES in AWCs in the three regions of the state – a Video module of the Anganwadi centers at Eluru , Kurnool and Kalivemula (Medak Dist.) presented at the ministry meeting at Delhi was well appreciated.


Contextualization of ECE programme with respect to the National ECCE programme.Continuing Study of Impact of Early Learning, Socialization and school readiness experiences in preschool settings on educational and behavioral outcomes along the primary stage” for its Andhra Pradesh component.

Publications/ Presentations

The following are the publications of the unit written by Smt.K.Lakshmi

  • i)   Early Childhood Education Programme for NCERT
  • ii)   Education, Emancipation And Empowerment of Women For NCERT
  • iii) ECE Guidelines
    iv) Presented a paper  in the capacity of  Faculty Member of Executive Institute of International Forum of Child Welfare, held at Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1993
  • v) Audio Visual material …
  1. 2 Short films on Developmentally Appropriate Practices in ECE

    10 Radio jingles on preschool programme

    5 video spots on ECE

    Posters on DAP

    3 documentarirs on best practices in preschool (Anganwadi Centres ) in 3 regions of   AP

    Kotha keratalu – 10 short dramas on Child labour issues.

    Translations of books related to ECE from English to Telugu – 2 books “stimulating activities for young children” by Dr. R. Muralidharan, NCERT and “ECE programme” by Dr. Venita Kaul, NCERT

    Translations of books related to ECE from English to Telugu – 2 books “stimulating activities for young children” by Dr. R. Muralidharan, NCERT and “ECE programme” by Dr. Venita Kaul, NCERT

    Integrated readiness kit

    Translation of CML material – Hindi to Telugu

    CHEER Project – Publication of Pre and Post activity booklets for 10 months

    radio programmes

    Camera Copy of graded books (50 for class I and 50 for Class II) under Janashala Project sponsored by UNICEF.

International and National Collaborations


  • i)   Samskar PLAN at Varni – Nizamabad district.  2004-2006 Trainings to Balavikasa Teachers, Anganwadi Workers and Master Trainers,    Advocacy meet
  • ii)  Collaborated with MCH in running Abhiman Day care from 2004 to 2009
  • iii)  Consultancy provided to Vidyarjana School run by Andhra Pradesh Secretariat 2004-2005
  • iv)  Aid at Action 2006
  • v) VIBGYOR HIGH-Bangalore 2006
  • vii)  CARE INDIA – External Consultancy Contract with CARE?India – Support for the Development of State/District Project Implementation Plans and District   Annual Plans for the ICDS-IV Project
  • viii)   REDDY’s Foundation – Skill Building Programme in Early Childhood Education For Adolescent Girls
  • ix) Rural Developoment Foundation – Kalleda
  • x)   DR.B.R.Ambedkar Open University University
  • xi)  Ambedkar University – CECED – Delhi
  • xii) Save the Children
  • xiii) NCERT Delhi
  • xiv) NIPCCD – Bangalore


  • xv)  xv  Unicef
  • xvi)  World Bank
  • xvii)  Bernard van Leer Foundation
  • xviii)  Agha Khan Foundation

Future Plans

  • ?SRC ECE proposes to take up the following programmes in the future and strengthen the existing ones.
    ?Advocacy on right practices at early childhood education stage.
    ?Research in Early Childhood Care and Development
    ?Capacity building of all functionaries working in the area of Early Childhood Education
    ?Design and development of prototype materials for pre and primary schools.

Annual Reports: April 2012 to March 2013

Report on the activities of SRC- ECE  ,  Labschool and MTTC


The year showered a few proud moments, which we wish to share.

Smt. K.Lakshmi Chairperson SRC ECE has taken charge as President of Andhra Mahila Sabha.

Master Pattapu Raghava – second class child of the Labschool has won the
National and International titles of championship in Karate under Junior category.

The Preschool programme Developed by SRC ECE AMS  for the State of AP (ICDS)has been made available for public viewing in the website of Ministry of Child Development GoI.


Dr.Durgabai Deshmukh and Dr.CD Deshmukh Research and Development cell
in Early Childhood Ecducation:


  • ?The BEST PRACTICSES in AWCs in the three regions of the state – a Video module of the Anganwadi centers at Eluru , Kurnool and Kalivemula (Medak Dist.) presented at the ministry meeting at Delhi was well appreciated.
  • ?Designed Preschool kit material to be supplied to the Anganwadi Cenres in the State by WD&CW Dept.
  • ?Developed a frame work for Maths kit for Early Years Learning ( 3 – 8 yrs. Age group ).
  • ?The School Readiness of 4+ children of Labschool is being studied by administering SRI Tool developed by Ambedkar University .
  • ?Field tested the Developmental indicators for Preschool and School Readiness developed by NCERT and sent a report.

Longitudinal study of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University (Delhi )Project

  • ?Center for Early Childhood Education and Development (CECED), Ambedkar University, Delhi launched a longitudinal study on Impact of ECCE on primary level outcomes for which SRC ECE AMS is a state partner for AP..
  • ?2nd tracking of 902 children in 166 schools in the 24 villages of Medak and Warangal was completed to find out their progress and where they are . School Readiness Instrument was administered to find out their development and also assessed the quality of ECE programmes to which children were exposed in 162 schools and interviewed 192 teachers to find out their attitudes and competencies which influence the quality.
  • ?Case study of SERP Centres in Andhra Pradesh which is the third component of the study is also being coordinated by SRC ECE AMS.The Case study on the best Balabadi Centres, one at Seethampet and the other at Utnoor – Adilabad running with the support of SERP is completed and submitted the draft report to CECED – AUD- Delhi.

Preschool Kits

  • ?SRC ECE designed Preschool kits and supplied to all the Anganwadi Centres in 138 projects of the State.
  • ?As part of the preschool kit, SRC ECE developed a CD for action songs which are the part of the preschool programme of ICDS in the state.

Professional Contribution:

Smt.K.Lakshmi – Chairperson SRC ECE was invited to chair a session on Teacher Preparation at the South Asian Regional Conference on ECCE Policies and Practices: Towards 2015 and Beyond organized by  Ambedkar University  Delhi – CECED in collaboration with the World Bank , Unicef and Unesco.was invited by Ministry of Child Development GoI and NIPCCD Delhi to share the Preschool programme of Andhra Pradesh .attended a meeting with the Spl.Chief Secretary to GoAP (Primary Schools Education and SSA) to decide modalities of working in convergence with the Dept.of WD&CW in preparing children for Class I.participated in the National Forum on Quality Pre-School Learning Programmes in Rural Areas on 24 to 25 July 2012 at Ranchi organized by UNICEF .invited by NIPPCD Bangalore to Chair the first meeting on contextualization of Early Childhood Education Curriculum as  Chairperson of South Region from 8th to 10th October 2012.requested by the Principal Secretary/Special Commissioner – Dept. WDCW – Tamilnadu to facilitate the Workshop on Contextualization of ECCE Policy and Validation of the existing preschool curriculum at  Sriperumbudur . requested by Secretary – Social Welfare Dept. to facilitate the workshop on Contextualization of ECCE at Puducherry.along with Faculty SRC ECE visited the Preschool centres of Gujarat organized      by UNICEFF – Hyderabad.Faculty of SRCECE AMS conducted a 4 day workshop on EARLY STIMUATION for under 3 year children for the Master Trainers of Bachpan Project of RASS (Tirupati ) supported by Save the Children organization Faculty of SRC ECE AMS conducted 2 days Training Programme for the Master Trainers of SSA (Rajiv Vidya Mission) on School Readiness.Project staff attended meeting at CECED AUD Delhi  in connection with Post test of the Longitudinal Study. SRC ECE AMS conducted Workshop for selected ICDS functionaries on Contextualization of ECE Curriculum and Pilot Testing for two days. Staff of SRC ECE AMS was invited to attend a workshop on School Readiness at Ahmedabad – Gujarat organized by UNICEF –Hyderabad

Contextualization of ECE Curriculum:Under the Chairmanship of Smt.K.Lakshmi – President AMS / Chairperson SRC the project was initiated and the Preschool programme was observed / captures in one tribal and one Rural projects of ICDS in Andhra Pradesh , Tamilnadu and Puducherri. In AP , Rajendra nagar and Malakpet projects were selected  for observing the Preschool programme implementation in 50 centres.The data has been consolidated and analysed and the draft report was sent to NIPPCD Bangalore.

Activities of Master Trainer’s Training Centre ( MTTC ) – SRC ECE AMS

  • ?Five day training on the usage of Preschool programme package was given to Child Development project officers and Supervisors from Kurnool and Eluru regions during the months April 2012 to June 2012..
  • ?Given orientation for the field functionaries of Hyderabad project – Uppal , Ramanthapur , Dilsukhnagar and Seeethaphalmandi on Preschool Package of ICDS focusing on School Readiness Programme for 4+ children in the centre.
  • ?Monitoring of Preschool programme in selected Anganwadi Centres:Staff of AMS – MTTC – SRC ECE  started monitoring of Preschool programme in selected AWCs for whom training has been given .
  • ?Articles related to multiple usage of supplied preschool kit material and on how to Get Centres Ready to receive children after the summer break are being contributed to  Indira Darshini – a monthly magazine published by the WD&CW Department every month and also instructions on carrying out special activities for the particular months is also given to make it easy for the field functionaries .

Activities of Labschool –SRC ECE AMS:Labschool is working to make the campus environment friendly .As part of it GoGreen programme was planned and initially children took up plantation activity.Staff and children of Labschool attended the programme organized by Literacy House on the occasion of World Literacy Day.Staff development programmes have been initiated=Staff attended workshop on CRP organized by IASE – Osmania University.Kum. Varuni and Master Aprameya who attended Labschool from class Nursery to Class III and joined in Sri Aurobindo School are judged to the best out going students of the year 2012-2013.



  • ?SRC ECE is located in the pollution free Academic Campus of Andhra Mahila Sabha which is all round surrounded by greenery of Osmania University Campus.
  • ?Labschool has well ventilated class rooms which are in octagonal shape. Activity corners are arranged in a 1000 sq. feet activity room where children are allowed to choose their interest corner and play.
  • ?A well furnished and equipped training hall for conducting trainings and seminars is available on the 2nd floor with a provision fir lift.


Library : Books and Journals: The library of SRC ECE has books related to Early Childhood Education, Journals and Research publications.
Books related to social issues like Child Labour and Girl child are available in the library.
Preschool Learning Material: Sample books and learning material which are essential for preschool programme is showcased.



Opportunities are available for People with passion to work in the area of Early Childhood Education

  • ?Working for and with children
    ?Research activities
    ?Documentation and Communication
    ?Trained Professionals in imparting  trainings.

Internship for students : Lab school provides internship facility for Students  / research scholars who are pursuing  studies in the area of early childhood education .Person who is interested has to apply and stay at least for a period of 6 months.

Voluntary work : Any graduate / post graduate who wish to contribute for the betterment of children can apply for voluntership   to associate with either Labschool or with the Research activities.

News and Events

Longitudinal study of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University (Delhi Project)
Center for Early Childhood Education and Development (CECED), Ambedkar University, Delhi launched a longitudinal study on Impact of ECCE on primary level outcomes for which SRC ECE AMS is a state partner for AP.
As part of the second phase of the study, collection of data in Medak and Warangal is initiated in the month of August 2013 and completed December 2013. During this  phase of the study, collection of data in 137 schools of Medak and Warangal is completed. Achievement Test was conducted for 799 children and 200 teachers were interviewed. Project staff demonstrated Developmentally Appropriate Practice techniques for the teachers where ever the school managements are proactive.The study will continue till 2017.

Contextualization of ECE Curriculum:
A project on Contextualization of ECE Curriculum for Southern States was initiated by GoI through NIPCCD – Benguluru under the Chairmanship of Smt.K.Lakshmi – President AMS / Chairperson SRC ECE .A series of workshops were conducted at NIPCCD Bangalore involving ICDS functionaries / NGOs / during the months October and November 2013 for finalization of Annual ECCE Curriculum for Southern States .SRC ECE prepared a report on the status of implementation of preschool programme in the AWCs in AP Preschool programme implementation in 50 centres.
staff are working along with the  department of WD&CW and Chairperson with NIPCCD Bangalore for contextualizing Preschoool programme in southern region of the country.

SRI Study
Achievement test for 4+ to 5+ children of Labschool is being conducted by administering Tool developed by Ambedkar University – Delhi.

Durga Sravanthi Projects:To bring awareness on the social menace like Child Labour among school children, a competition was conducted on designing poster on the issues of “Child Labour”. Children from neighbourhood schools actively participated and each participant has been encouraged by awarding a participation “certificate” and a memento was presented to schools for encouraging their children to participate and for joining hands to stop child labour.
Planning to organize many such programmes in different schools in Twin cities and also  in Medak and Warangal districts.

Contact Us

Names and Addresses of Key Officials
Smt. K.Lakshmi – President AMS and Chairperson SRC ECE AMS
Smt. Chaya P.Katti – Secretary – SRC ECE AMS
Tel.No. 040 – 237096375 /9553903984

Postal Address
State Resource Centre – Early Childhood Education
Durgabai Deshmukh Vidyapeetam
AMS Academic Campus
Osmania University Road
Hyderabad – 500007


  • ?Smt. K.Lakshmi was awarded by Shri. L. N. Gupta Memorial National Award for Early Primary Education, 1993.
    ?Best University Teacher’s Award from Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, 1983.

Noteworthy Achievements

  1. ?“Sisu Vikasa Karyakramam”: a developmentally suitable, pre-school curriculum making learning more enjoyable for children Anganwadi Centres in rural and tribal Andhra Pradesh.
  1. ?“Arambh”: an adaptation of “Sisu Vikasa Karyakramam” is being used by the National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped as an “Early Childhood Special Education” package.

School Readiness Programme Packages:
Special school readiness-kits Anandalahari , Velugu Bata have been designed for children living in tribal areas.
It started in year 1993 – 94, with focus in tribal areas of the state namely Paderu (Vizag), Utnoor (Adilabad) Chenchu (Srisailam) & Kondareddi (Bhadrachalam). Extensive work was done in Utnoor where bilingual package was prepared i.e., in Telugu and Gondi (local language of the Gondi tribe). This programme helped in enhancing the creative skills of the children apart from helping them to join formal school. Customized School readiness package was also prepared. The package for tribal areas was for 12 weeks, that for rural areas was of 8 weeks and for the urban areas was 6 weeks.

  • Designing and supply of Preschool Kits for all the AWCs in the state for the years 2009-2012 on the request from the Department of WD&CW –      GoAP\.
  • The SRCs emphasis on joyful learning has inspired many private schools to make the shift to  less stressful schedules.
  • Labschool is considered to be one of the first schools in twin cities which followed inclusion.


SRC ECE Lab School,
Durgabai Deshmukh Mahila Sabha (Andhra Mahila Sabha),
DDMS (AMS) Academic Campus, HYDERABAD-500 007.

Phone No.: 040-27096375