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About Us

Nursing is the art of loving, the art of devotion, the art of sharing pain and sorrow, the art of providing comfort and art of taking care of the sick.  (It was a dream, a vision, an innerselfless dream)  It developed as a strong determined thought.  It was soon a decision put into practice Late Dr. (Smt. ) Durgabai Deshmukh founder president of Andhra Mahila Sabha, a social welfare organization, a woman highly sensitive to the needs of the society especially to women folk, a person with an indomitable courage of her convictions has conceived the idea of providing a medical centre to the under previliged population of Hyderabad and translated this thought into reality by establishing in 1965 a small nursing home with 35 beds which eventually blossomed into a full fledged multispeciality hospital with 200 beds.


Andhra Mahila Sabha school of Nursing GNM 3 year course Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital was established in the year  since 2005 it is 3 ½ year course  has received recognition by Indian Nursing council, New Delhi and government of Andhra Pradesh with annual admission of 45 students, under General Nursing and Midwifery certificate course, though we have got approval from INC to admit 60  candidates in 2012.  Due to decreased strength of admission we have not taken approval from A.P Nursing council.

Programmes and Activities up

Every year during the month of June – July GNM admissions will be open for the freshers who have completed intermediate course /MPHW vocational applications are sent online and the selected candidates list is sent to the District Medical and Health officer, Secunderabad.

GNM candidates are selected based on the marks they scored in intermediate, selected students are supposed to join the institute as per the date given by government.  For the new batch students  Capping ceremony  will be done after the completion of preliminary test after 3 months.  After the completion of the course the final year students will be given farewell, final year students will be doing research projects as per the requirement and the topics given by their co-ordinator.

During the training period of the GNM students the students are evaluated according to their performance in their unit test and assignment test and will be evaluated in theory and practical prefinal examinations internally   conducted by the School of Nursing  faculty members.  The GNM  students annual board examinations will be conducted in Gandhi Medical School of Nursing  every year during September – October.

During the training period students are sent to  DDH,  for  psychiatry at Manasa Hospital and for rural community at Shameerpet and Urban at DDH.


EVENTS FROM 01-01-2013 TO 31-12-2013


I, II, III year GNM students every year participate in the pulse polio program & GNM interns were posted for community health nursing rural posting at Shameerpet.

FEBURARY 2013 GNM IIIrd year students were posted for community health nursing rural posting for Shameerpet for 1 month.
MARCH 2013 GNM 2nd year students were posted for psychiatry clinical to Manasa Hospital Padmaraonagar for the period of 6 weeks. Our ex principal Mrs. A.Kanchana Garu was relieved on arch 5th and I Mrs. Simple took over from them as a Principal.
APRIL 2013 Final examinations were conducted for Internship students as per the schedule.
MAY 2013 Our Ist GNM students celebrated capping ceremony and farewell party was given to the outgoing batch.  As this year we are celebrating the platinum year of Late Smt. Durgabai Deshmukh Garu. So we are planning to give health education certain areas allotted by Dr Umapathy sir students have started planning for the programme as assigned. 2 of our faculty members selected as coordinators to carryout the programme.  Health talk will be conducted from the month of June in the form of role play and lectures.
JUNE & JULY 2013     Started implementing the Durga Seva Shravanthi project, students were posted in different areas in order to give health talks.Public response was good and were very much pleased  with their health talks. Tutors also accompanied the students.
AUG 2013 GNM admission applications were to be submitted online with Rs.100/- challan (under Government quota) paid by the candidate and submitted selection list for the same.
SEPT 2013 GNM admissions continued and management quota applications were also sent online
OCTOBER 2013 Pre final examinations were held for the GNM students in order to prepare them for final board examinations.
NOVEMBER 2013 “Durga Seva Shravanthi” co-ordinators had to present the Project  done on PPT in Trust Board Central office. Staff meeting was held in Principals room, and subjects were allotted to all tutors. On November 5th a meeting was conducted in DDVTRC for the co-ordinators with regard to Durga Seva Shravanthi.  It was discussed and told that the pogramme should be continued after the board examination as GNM board examination has started from November, 18th 2013.
DECEMBER 2013 Board examinations were completed.  Students were sent for vacation
JANUARY 2014 Students participated in pulse polio programme from 19-01-2014 to 21-01-2014

Infrastructures up

Physical building :Present existing  building of Andhra Mahila Sabha School of Nursing (GNM) was constructed in 2006.Total constructed building area 5608 sft.  There are totally 8 rooms.Principal room 1 & attached clerk room

Staff room                                                           –           01
For GNM Ist year students                                   –           01
For GNm IInd year students                                 –           01
For GNM IIIrd year students                                –           01
For internship students                                          –           01
Room occupied by BSC college of Nursing faculty –           01
computer room                                                     –           01

Laboratories : The School of Nursing AMS (GNM) has fundamentals of nursing laboratory located on the second floor of  MPHW school of Nursing and is shared with D.D college of Nursing, but  during inspection we show common laboratory.
The GNM School of Nursing Nutrition laboratory and sick room is on the first floor of hostel.  The GNM laboratory we have all the required articles.

Miss chase DOLL  – 1
Infant DOLL          – 1
Obstetirc DOLL     – 1

In school of Nursing AMS (GNM) we have 5 computers.  GNM School of Nursing library has total 361 books nursing books present in our staff room for reference and  the staff  refers book from Durgabai Deshmukh Central library. During inspection central library books is shown.

Opportunities up

? EMPLOYMENT :After completion of 31/2 years GNM course in School of Nursing, Andhra Mahila Sabha, the students are free to leave the institution and work in any other hospital of their own interest.  The institution only gives assistance for employment of the students.  Bright students are selected in our hospital if there is a vacancy
?During the final  year the GNM students will be in internship period.  The students will be going to community, Psychiatry hospital and clinical duties in our hospital as per  their curriculunm
?VOLUNTARY WORK :General nursing students every year actively participate in pulse polio programme, National Aids Programmes and all the National health programmes organized by the Directorate of Medical education. Every students also given health talks in the community during their clinical posting.  Since August 2013, students are actively   participating  in actitivities  organized under Durga Seva shravanthi Programme.


GNM School of Nursing,
Durgabai Deshmukh Mahila Sabha (Andhra Mahila Sabha), O.U.Road,
Vidyanagar, HYDERABAD-500 044.

Phone No.: 040-27681174